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How does the Swaddlenot™ work?

Babies love to feel secure- all babies are born with the “moro” (startle) reflex that can wake him or her frequently. Young infants spend up to have their sleep time in light REM like sleep- they are very easily roused during this stage and this can cause multiple wakenings- The Swaddlenot™ is every parent’s answer to a great sleep.

Prevent the disruption in sleep for a baby who loves being swaddled but is starting to roll! Swaddling a baby who is rolling or close to rolling is dangerous. Make this transition easier with a Swaddlenot™. It allows a baby to roll and use their arms and hands easily but still provides a secure feeling that makes sleep easier- without the disruption and stress of going “cold turkey’ from a swaddle to nothing.

The Swaddlenot™ is the safest solution for a baby who can’t be swaddled anymore.

It is the perfect alternative for a baby who hates the swaddle but needs gentle resistance which the Swaddlenot™ provides. Babies who dislike swaddling often don’t sleep well- The Swaddlenot™ is the answer!

  • Can make the transition from co-sleeping to a crib or from a bassinet to a crib easier and less stressful for baby.
  • Ample room for safe hip flexion to prevent hip dysplasia.
  • Help ease a baby with excema’s discomfort- the soft hand coverings prevent harmful scratching.
  • Keep your baby’s hands and feet warm- Perfect for evening stroller walks or is even safe in the carseat.
  • A stress free way to gently ease thumb sucking! A baby in a Swaddlenot™ may suck the tips- but this is not habit forming like thumb sucking can be!
  • Can prevent CRIB JUMPING! Keep your sweet babe in her crib longer- this will maintain your great sleep habits. Moving a baby before 2.5-3 years of age usually causes a challenging sleep regression!

Washing instructions: Swaddlenot’s should be washed in cold water with the zipper done up and layed flat to dry.

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