Jupiter Topaz Mattress

Jupiter Topaz Mattress

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Jupiter is the first manufacturer to make a mattress without a vinyl cover that is free from lead and phthalates. Safety and Comfort have always been the cornerstones of their product development. Jupiter is the only Canadian based manufacturer of crib mattresses.

  • "ThermoCool" cover that absorbs extra heat to help baby’s sleep environment cool and dry
  • Water and stain resistant cover
  • Breathable "aria" borders help reduce overheating
  • Extra firm core
  • 2 sided with plush 2" eucalyptus Tencel layer on toddler side for luxurious comfort
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Lightweight making sheet changing easier
  • 20 years warranty
  • Standard dimensions: 71 x 132 x 15 cm / 28 x 52 po x 6'

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