Goodbyn Hero with Dippers Set
Goodbyn Hero with Dippers Set
Goodbyn Hero with Dippers Set

Goodbyn Hero with Dippers Set

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A dynamo for eating on the go. Goodbyn Hero has a three-compartment main container (fits a full sandwich!) and includes a matching Leakproof Dipper Set so that you can easily send yogurt, dips or sauces and keep them separate from the rest of the lunch. The Leakproof Dippers are intended for wet foods like yogurt and dips (not watery items). Sandwiches won't taste like bananas and fresh fruit won't have crumbs in it!

Goodbyn Hero is top rack dishwasher safe, BPA, BPS and phthalate-free, and 100 percent recyclable. Goodbyn products are built to last but when you're ready to retire them, they are completely recyclable and should never end up as landfill.

Lid, tray and Leakproof Dipper Set made of #5 Polypropylene.

What fits?
  • Top compartment: Perfect for a full sandwich or salad, sliced apples, oranges, even a banana
  • Bottom compartments: Fits pasta salad, chips, or cereal
  • Medium and large dippers: Pack dressing, hummus, yogurt, granola or additional snacks
  • Top: 4.8 c / 38 fl oz. / 1,1L
  • Bottom (each): 1.1 c / 8.8 fl oz. / 262 ml
  • Medium dipper: 0.33 cups / 77 ml / 2.6 fl oz
  • Large dipper: 0.75 cups / 177 ml / 6 fl oz