Minimo My Daily Routine

Minimo My Daily Routine

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Your family’s daily routine has never been this fun!

The My Daily Routine magnet set includes the same 12 colorful, and practical magnets of the My Daily Routine motivational kit. They are a fun way for children and parents to carry out the family routine (day and evening). Use the illustrated magnets in any order you choose. It’s the perfect tool to encourage autonomy and value your little one’s self-esteem!

Use with the My Daily Routine motivational kit or the One Week At a Time family organizer. Magnetic board not included.


  • I brush my teeth
  • I eat my meal
  • I eat my snack
  • I get dressed
  • I go pee
  • I go to sleep
  • I make my bed
  • I put away my toys
  • I put on my pyjamas
  • I read a story
  • I take my bath
  • I wash my hands


  • Ideal for teaching preschool and elementary school-aged children to become more autonomous
  • 12 round, illustrated magnets with different steps for daily routines
  • Perfect add-on to the My Daily Routine motivational kit