Minimo My School Days Routine

Minimo My School Days Routine

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For a smart after-school routine!

The My School Days Routine magnet kit is a handy, practical and fun way for children and parents to carry out the after-school routine. Use the illustrated magnets in any order you choose. Get your children involved as they proudly slide their magnets when they complete a task! It’s the perfect tool to encourage autonomy and value your little one’s self-esteem.


  • I unpack my lunchbox
  • I take out my supplies
  • I do my homework
  • I study
  • I do my reading
  • I put away my backpack
  • I take the bus
  • I make my lunch


  • Ideal for teaching elementary school children to become more autonomous
  • 8 round, illustrated magnets with school day routine steps
  • 10.75 x 8.25 inches dry-erase magnetic board (use with erasable markers) available in option