Calico Critters Pickleweed Hedgehog Family

Calico Critters Pickleweed Hedgehog Family

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Father, Mortimer runs the Calico Village Post Office and makes sure everyone gets their mail from all their friends and family. He also plays the drums in the family's band, and he loves creating new beats and sounds. He would play the drums all night if Mother Eleanor wouldn't remind him to go to bed!

Mother, Eleanor is the lead singer of the family's band called ""Sonic Six"". She comes up with the lyrics of all the songs they perform at local fairs and shows. Her voice is so beautiful that when she sings, everyone stops talking just to hear her! Eleanor also enjoys cooking with ingredients from the forest. She is famous for her mushroom pie!

Brother, Maxwell loves playing the piano in the family's band. He often composes music with cool riffs and amazing chords. He especially likes playing pop or jazz music. If Maxwell isn't playing his piano, you will find him in the great outdoors. Fishing, climbing and running are his favorite pastimes.

Sister, Abigail plays the recorder and tambourine in the family's band. She's a great entertainer and dances around the stage in the middle of their performances. Abigail also likes playing outside with her brother and collects the leaves, stones and acorns that she finds in the woods.

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