3 Sprouts Play Mat Bag Demo

It has happened to us all, mother-in-law calls, she is coming for a visit… in 5 minutes! The house is a mess and you don’t have time to tidy it up. The solution? 3 Sprouts Play Mat Bag!

Her at CRAVINGS Maternity Baby Kids in Saskatoon, we believe every parent deserves life to be a little easier whenever you can! This great device acts as a great toy storage bag and doubles as a play mat!! It is an easy and simple way to keep toys in one place but always ready for play!

The bag handles and sturdy cotton make it easy to carry from room to room, or even to a play date, visit with family and so many more places!

Its portable, hard wearing design also makes it the perfect storage bag for all those tiny pieces of Lego®! Just place the full bag on the floor and open it out into a playing space, once the kids are finished playing just fold the bag & put it away!

Come by and visit our friendly staff and take a pick between the 5 different animal prints to match any nursery décor!