Breastfeeding Answers with Dr. Emily Sullivan

January 21st, 2019 Dr. Emily Sullivan, Family Doctor and Breastfeeding Medicine at Cornerstone Medical Clinic, was living answering questions about breastfeeding.

Each Part she will cover questions that are commonly asked.

Part 1 Covers:
How do you help baby to latch?

Will baby get enough milk if they are sleeping thru the night?

What to do if the baby is latching more to one breast?

How to decrease night feeds in an older baby?

How to wean baby from breastfeeding over a year?

How to get an exclusive to breastfeed baby to use a bottle?

What is Lipase and how does it affect my milk?


Part 2 Covers:
Does Thrush decrease supply?

What are some signs that a breastfeeding baby is allergic to something in mom’s diet?

How much formula should I give my baby if they are nursing too?

What are good ways to increase your milk supply?

What is a good time to pump and store milk?

Part 3 Covers:
Can you build supply back when you have lost it briefly?

Supply for mom’s knowing they will have a C-section?

What about marijuana/alcohol and breast milk?

What to do about the mother getting a cold sore while breastfeeding?

What to do when ill and nursing?

Finally Part 4 Covers:
What does Dr. Emily cover at her clinic?
Latch, Weight Gain, Supply in Mom, Blocked Ducts, Infections, Tongue Ties, Weaning
In older Babies, Pregnant Women with previous issues breastfeeding and C-section moms.

Do you just want to be more prepared? Better understand what’s going to happen? Or what’s normal?

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