Clek Liing Carseat Demo

Clek Liing - The latest addition to our car seat family, made for the latest addition to yours. With an industry-leading expiration of 9-years and 1+2 year warranty*, you can expect easy installation, in every position, year after year, after year.  When the adventures begin, the ride starts here.

Safety is in our DNA. That’s why Liing includes innovative, best-in-class safety features like a metal load leg, which prevents rotation and absorbs energy in a collision, reducing crash forces by up to 40%.

Your newborn requires a semi-reclined position – anywhere between a 40° to 45° angle – when travelling in a car seat. This is for both safety and comfort, as their undeveloped neck muscles are unable to keep their head in the correct position.

A poor installation angle can cause more than just discomfort. Should their chin fall to their chest, your newborn’s airway can become pinched off, restricting breathing and putting their health at risk.

That’s why liing offers up to 7 recline positions, ensuring that parents can always get the right angle for their child no matter how flat or sloped their vehicle seat is. Best of all, the recline is adjustable while the base is installed, which makes it easy to find the perfect angle. Combined with the newborn body support system, you and your baby can ride right, worry-free.

Designed with a secure rigid-LATCH installation and for installation in middle seats that don’t have LATCH, the belt-tensioning system provides an effortless seat belt installation that feels every bit as secure. With the European belt path, the carrier can be securely installed in a vehicle without the base and the Liing is also aircraft approved!

The two-piece energy-absorbing shell is lined with EPP foam to protect the head and body, providing maximum side-impact protection and airflow between the layers of the seat. Also including the two-stage insert system provides proper head support and a snug seating position for newborns. The extra support is a game-changer for early arrivals.

The 3-position, SPF 100+ adjustable sun canopy provides almost full coverage from the sun, with a mesh peekaboo window for airflow and visibility into the car seat.

At Clek they’re parents too. That’s why, in 2014, they became the first car seat company to remove brominated and chlorinated flame retardants from their car seats. In 2018, they introduced the world’s first convertible car seats and booster seats made without any added flame retardants, featuring ethically sourced 100% Merino wool. This same flame-retardant-free option is also available for the Liing.