Corkcicle Product Demo

That’s right, Corkcicle is now available at CRAVINGS Maternity Baby Kids in Saskatoon, SK. Corkcicle is the lifestyle product that everyone is talking about and you can now get your very own, here at CRAVINGS!

CRAVINGS carries 3 styles of Corkcicle products, Canteen, Tumblers and Stemless! All Their products all include slip-proof, silicone bases so that your bottle will never slip and tip over! As well as the no-slip bottom, they are triple-insulated to keep your drinks hot or cold depending on your beverage.

Corkcicle Canteens are available in an array of sizes, all the way up to 60oz! It keeps cold for 25 hours and hot for 12 hours guaranteeing you have the perfect temperature all day! With a wider mouth than most water bottles, it allows you to fit any size ice cube. Equipped with 2 flat sides making it easier to grip and not roll away on you at the gym, or other busy activities!

Corkcicle Tumblers are the coffee mug that will change how you drink your coffee, tea or nightcaps ;). This amazing mug keeps cold for 9+ hours and 3 hours hot and is available in 3 perfect sizes! It has a shatterproof, crystal clear lid that has a lock top to avoid spills while walking or on your morning commute. This lid is vacuum-sealed and has no twist seal so when not in use you don’t have to sip from a rough lip.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Stemless! That’s right a stemless wine glass that has all the same features as the tumbler, including the same shatterproof, crystal clear lid to avoid unnecessary spills! No more crying over spilled wine, or not having the perfect serving temperature, with this amazing product!

Corkcicle has been spotted in use by their 4 brand reps, Cory Lopez (surfer. free diver. storm chaser.), Miles Chamley-Watson (olympic fencer. model.), Bethany Hamilton (surfer. survivor. inspiration.) and Angela Davis (fitness guru. athlete. motivator.) But they are not the only ones that love their Corkcicle products! Hundreds of celebrities from all walks of life use and love their Canteens, Tumblers, and Stemless!

Corkcicle products are made to enhance the personal style and reduce personal impact on the planet. Every time you use your Canteen or Tumbler, you help the environment by reducing plastic waste in landfills and the ocean. Not to mention every time you use your Stemless you are helping your sanity and reducing stress with every sip!