Cuddly Wrap Demo

Sometimes your baby will not want to be put down, but you have a load in the laundry that needs changing, so what do you do? Do you let your child scream while you rush to change the load, or do you hold them and struggle one hand to accomplish your task? Or here at CRAVINGS Maternity Baby Kids in Saskatoon we have a better option, The Cuddly Wrap!!

Every baby needs and LOVES to be held! Being close to your heartbeat, voice, scent and warmth helps with optimal development and bonding thru skin-to-skin contact easy for everyone. A baby being carried in a wrap feels more secure and will calm much easier.It is a very large piece of fabric that can be very daunting when first held up but is quite easy once you know what to do with it, that what our highly trained staff is here to help with. Your cuddly wrap comes with instruction on how to wrap your baby, but it can be easy to not have it tight enough so we have discovered a way to wrap with your baby that is easy and snug.

Simply find the centre, marked by the tag, and line up high on your body. Wrap around your back, cross and bring up over your shoulders. At this point you will grab baby and hold high on your chest with one hand, while the other hand comes up under that fabric to guide their bum under into the hammock you have created on your body. Guide the fabric up to the base of baby’s neck and drop them so their head is just below your chin, or “Visible and Kissable”. Now, you are ready to secure baby to your body.

Always holding baby with one hand you will take the long fabric and pull up and across your body and baby as snug as is comfortable. Wrap under bum and under leg then repeat on the other side. At this point, holding both ends your baby is secure and you can cross them again in the back and tie here, or bring back around your body, over babies legs, and tie under their bum.

And just like that your hands are free to do some housework, tend to your toddler, or just relax with your hands free. This simple piece of fabric will be your favourite baby accessory!