Good Vibes Crib Wedge

Here at CRAVINGS Maternity Baby Kids in Saskatoon, our staff members love feedback and ideas for great items that parents are looking for. One of the items we have been ask for frequently was a crib wedge. We didn’t carry them but customers were asking. In the true Cravings Fashion, we search high and low to find the best of the best for you! We found that in the Good Vibes by SwaddleMe!

The Good Vibes is the only crib wedge that provides both comfortable incline and soothing vibration to help little ones fall asleep and stay asleep, especially when transitioning from inclined sleepers to the crib.

The Good Vibes comes fully prepared in helping with many sleep issues that can keep baby awake, or even not allowing them to sleep as long or as deep. With the gentle 10-degree angle that elevates baby’s head it helps with such things as easier breathing, better digestion and a more restful sleep. It also provides comfort when dealing with acid reflux or a cold, which are sometimes unavoidable, but baby’s sleep schedule shouldn’t be affected.

It also acts as a great soothing tool with 3 vibration speeds to choose from. The handle wraps around crib slats to provide easy access to the power button without waking your baby, with preset 15, 30 or 45-minute shut off.

This full size crib wedge safely fits most standard crib sizes, and folds up for easy storage, making this a fantastic shower gift that won’t be a double gift, won’t be returned, and will make parents lives, and sleeps, better! So come by and see our friendly staff and let us demo this awesome item that will make life a little more relaxing.

Do you have any items you have been looking for local but haven’t been able to? Do you have something you buy online but wish it was here? Let us know via Facebook, Instagram, comment below or better come visit us in store!