Holiday Spotlight: Fox & Fawn

Better Eye Contact, Better Air Flow, Happy Baby

Fox & Fawn is a line filled with desirable, & function-forward products that are best-for-baby. Making parent's lives easier through innovative products.

Currently,the product line consists of the Haven nursing cover.  Originally called the Booby Trapper, the Haven was created in 2009 by a Canadian mom after the birth of her first baby.  Her daughter hated having fabric flop onto her face while she was feeding and so the mom was stuck having to hold out the fabric with her free hand so she could see if the baby was latching properly and allow the air to circulate.

The Haven features a patented dual-rim design.
The only double-rim nursing cover for a truly visible, happy baby.
Generous size to ensure the modesty of mothers.
Folds up compactly to fit in any purse or diaper bag.
Creates a distraction-free space for public napping.
Excellent shade cover for stroller or front-carrier.