Inglesina Fast Table Chair Demo

Inspired by the Montessori principles of sharing and autonomy, the Fast Table Chair by Inglesina is the legendary, must-have table chair that is as comfortable as it is convenient. For use at home, while travelling or at the restaurant, parents love the Fast because of its simple, twist-tight couplings and its compatibility with most types of tables, leaving them scratch-free.

The Fast Table Chair is ultra-light, collapsible to near-flat making it easy to carry comfortably in the included carry bag. A convenient dining tray is available as an optional accessory.

Having your baby sitting at the table, particularly at an early age, is very important for family harmony. Your baby gets used to the habits and customs of your home, feels a part of the family, and gets reassured by mom and dad.

The table chair becomes a must-have accessory. On one hand, it gives parents more freedom, avoiding feeding their baby at separate times. It also makes parents' life more convenient as the entire chair is removable from the clamps and machine washable.

On the other hand, it reduces the learning curve, as your baby tends to imitate adults or older siblings using utensils, cups, napkins, etc. Dining all together is also important from a nutrition standpoint, as some dishes — less appealing to kids (like veggies) — could be interpreted as more desirable since they are eaten by everyone.

A baby who gets used to a table chair is more at ease in other situations as well, for example, at a restaurant, where it is not easy to sit babies at the table (it can even be impossible if they are not used to it at home). With a folding table chair, it is easier to go out, to eat, and to participate in a social life — with more serenity for all.

The Fast is comfortable thanks to its high backrest and the extra padded seat and equipped with a 3-point harness to keep your little one safe and secure. It also comes with a storage pocket on the back which is great for storing toys or additional snacks! Use for children between 6 and 36 months up to 37lbs. For the first time, your baby can sit at the table like a grown-up. Well, sort of.