Nuggles Swimsees Reusable Swim Diapers Demo

Introducing the smartest reusable swim diaper yet! Save money and waste with Nuggles’ innovative design in the Swimsees! Here at CRAVINGS Maternity Baby Kids we are always trying to bring you the very best and when it comes to Nuggles, you will never be disappointed.

The Swimsees by Nuggles fits a wide range of babies; with a one-size-fits-most swim diaper accommodates many babies from newborns to large toddlers in the weight ranges of 8-35 lbs. YES! No need to buy additional sizes.

By simply adjusting the size with the outer step-down rise snaps; you are guaranteed to get the perfect fit for your growing baby. Just snap and go! Splish Splash fun is that easy!

The innovative inner mesh sling catches all the icky things! With fully adjustable elastics, the sling sits tight against baby’s bottom when properly fitted, and acts independently from the rest of the swim diaper, allowing for two stages of protection. Remember that swim diapers are not designed to hold liquids, just contain the solids so you wont have any floaty surprises in the pool!!

When soiled, remove the swim diaper and dispose of the waste in the toilet. Cleaning is simple and not a hassle at all; just pre-rinse with a diaper sprayer if desired then wash and hang to dry.