Nuna Leaf Swing Demo

Sit back and sway away at CRAVING Maternity Baby Kids in Saskatoon, from the comfort of your arms to the soothing sway of the leaf. When baby wants to be rocked and you need a moment, this lounger is poetry in motion. With a gentle nudge from you, it starts a naturally calming, rhythmic side-to-side movement that last over two minutes on its own! Your child will adore it, and you will love it too!

The seat pops right out of the base for easy storage or making this ultra lightweight swing is easy to take with you anywhere weighing only 5.36kg (just shy of 12lbs). Made with certified Oeko-tex® fabric and GOTS certified organic insert fabric assures only the best touches baby’s skin. The organic cotton insert is soft, lightweight and removeable for easy washing. The backing under the insert is mesh to keep your child cool and avoid overheating.

The base is wide to promote stability and allowing for use from infant up to 60kg (132 lbs) meaning that this seat will last you years and years of relaxation and self soothing. The base also has the ability to lock, making feeding and playtime a stationary task.
One of the best features of this seat is that is has no batteries, no cords, no buzz and no noise making it much easier to contain and no chance of “overuse”. But what if you want that motion? No problem, with the purchase of the WIND, an add-on that attaches to the base and allows for continuous motion.

Our staff at Cravings is so passionate about this seat, that we encourage babies, toddlers and small children alike to test it out. There is nothing as satisfying as watching a toddler and their baby sibling swinging away comfortably together in the store then watching as mom and dads swoon over their little ones. This seat is perfect for self-soothing, bonding and relaxing for years to come!