Oneberrie Bare Bundle Hands-Free Towel

Brand new to Cravings! The Oneberrie Bare Bundle Hands-Free Towel is the latest and greatest at CRAVINGS Maternity Baby and Kids in Saskatoon. We are so excited to share this amazing product with you. Oneberrie™ is dedicated in designing smart, functional and stylish products to help make bathing newborns and toddlers simple… because bath-time should be beautiful, safe and connected.

The Oneberrie™ Bare.Bundle. ™ is not like any other baby towel, its the ONLY towel that transitions as Baby grows from Newborn to Infant to Toddler and Beyond: Bath-time, Pool-time, Cuddle-time, Any-time. This amazing towel is made of 100% cotton flannel on one side and 97% Bamboo and 3% Spandex on the other!

For a newborn you hold it length wise, and button up. Then pick up your slippery baby and fold the towel up under them all warm and toasty. With one hand on baby use the other to un-button from behind you and then you can put baby down to continue your bath routine!

For an infant you rotate 90 degrees and there is a second button on the width side. Now attach the button and this time when you grab your squirmy, wet infant you simply wrap the towel around their back with their feet hanging out. Again, with one hand on your child use the other to un-button from behind.

Once your child is old enough you can now transition to it themselves. Now not all toddlers want to immediately get changed and that is ok! The buttons previously used to hold up the towel on your body as a way to keep the towel on after being wrapped around their shoulders and buttoned up. This towel is so soft, adorable and absorbent, thatthe functionality of it is such a plus that the only question you should askyourself is… “Which color do I want?”