Products To Keep You Safe & Healthy This Fall

As Fall has arrived, we are so glad to have some amazing products to help keep our loved ones, and ourselves safe & healthy.

First up on our list is the BRAND NEW Only Accessories Hand Sanitizer Bracelet and Hand Sanitizer Refills. This bracelet allows for ease of access to hand sanitizer on the go. Size for adults, this bracelet comes in back, and holds enough hand sanitizer for your daily travels. Its sleek design, creates a trendy look that could easily be coordinated with any outfit. 

Next on our list of Fall "must haves" is the extremely portable and long lasting Maple Organics Sanitizer Spray. One of these can last one person up to 3 months with regular use! Just a spritz when you need it, and no lingering alcohol smell to go with it. This light fragrance spray is perfect for any go-bag, purse, office, you name it!

With Fall, comes back to school We offer a couple different masks for kids, and young adults. Care Cover Kids Masks  provide optimal coverage as well as an adjustable ear piece to add extra comfort and custom wear. Also, NEW to CRAVINGS are the UP Kids Mask With Filters. These masks come in a 2/pack with 2 filters! Each filters can be used up to 10 days each, also available are the refill packs, to provide that extra piece of mind!

Not to forget about mom and dad, we do offer adult masks! Made by Care Cover, they provide a sophisticated look for the on the go parent. Easy to wash, comfortable and also come in lovely patterns to suit any ones style. 

Lastly, we have the CleanKey! This amazing tool, is the sleek addition to your keys. It offers you a safer, cleaner way to operate in your day-to-day life. It will provide peace of mind knowing that you are avoiding contact with publicly shared door handles, elevator buttons, ATM machines, etc.  
Made of Aluminum, and is lightweight, extremely sturdy, and 100% recyclable!

All of these amazing products are available in store and online! 

Hope to see you soon at CRAVINGS!

The Cravings Team