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Mama Body Tea | Fertility Tea

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It’s time Mama ;) Get those herbs to the sheets (actually - maybe have them before the big fun). This is Mama Body's go-to tea for mamas looking to conceive. A hormone-balancing blend of chaste berry, dongqai root and raspberry leaf joins a powerhouse of herbs that invite healthy hormone balance.

Drink me: Preconception

Each box contains 20 pyramid tea bags.


  • Supports ovulation and healthy hormonal balance
  • Increase levels of iron and minerals to nourish the uterine lining for conception
  • Tones uterine muscles and normalise blood flow during menstruation
  • Stress reliever supporting mood related symptoms
  • Nourishing Herbal Ingredients: Fertility tea contains a blend of active herbs known for their ability to support reproductive health and increase fertility. Key ingredients like organic raspberry leaf and chasteberry, help balance hormones, improve egg quality, and promote regular menstrual cycles.
  • Safe & Natural: This fertility tea is made from 100% organic and natural ingredients, making it a safe and gentle way to support your fertility journey. No harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients, just the goodness of nature to help boost your chances of conceiving.

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